Using Video Analytics To Get The Most From Your Security Cameras

When considering a commercial security system, utilizing video analytics can be a great tool to increase the efficiency of a video surveillance system and speed up the video investigation process.聽 When an event occurs that requires investigation utilizing a security camera system, the last thing you want to do is devote hours to combing through footage to find the event.聽 Video analytics can enable users to receive alerts when a specified event occurs and minimizes the time spent searching through video.聽 Some of the most prevalent video analytics being applied to commercial security systems today include Intelligent Motion Detection, Person/Vehicle Detection, License Plate Recognition, Facial Recognition, People Counting, Objects Left Behind/Missing, and even help enforce COVID Compliance. 聽The list is much longer and continues to grow as the technology found in security cameras progresses. 聽If you are interested in deploying security cameras with analytics or learning more please contact one of our security experts to get personalized recommendations.

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